mine until

my journey into and out of the arms of an abuser

by Jessica Yaffa & Dave Franco
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As a young girl, Jessica watched her father dote on her baby brother-while sending little attention her way. What could have become another case of a little girl who learns to live life in her brother's shadow, became an obsession to win her father's affection. A lifetime of chasing, and getting nowhere, ultimately led her into the arms of a boy named Trent. What started as a typical high school romance soon turned into relationship filled with unfathomable abuse. Trent, who was by turns both charming and psychopathic, stole Jessica away from family and friends, taking her on an odyssey of unspeakable brutality and emotional devastation. Escaping Trent would be her only hope for survival-and require more from her than she could have imagined. However, it put her on a most unexpected path, one filled with horror, crippling uncertainty, love, miracles and ultimately, extraordinary purpose.

250 pages

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