Serving the Broccoli Gods

True Tales and Tips From a Nutritionist On a Quest

By Mary Purdy, MS, RDN
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Despite having a deep affection for food throughout her childhood, Mary Purdy’s definitive choice to become a dietitian came in her early thirties as her father recovered from a serious illness. When the hospital nutritionist recommended her father grab a Big Mac to regain weight, Purdy knew she’d found a field in which she could make a difference.

Serving the Broccoli Gods is packed with nutritional tips wrapped around the lighthearted and humorous tale of Purdy’s journey of transitioning from a gritty New York City actor to a registered dietitian. It takes the dull edge off of nutritional education in favor of a creative and uproarious perspective that will have readers laughing and learning simultaneously.

Serving the Broccoli Gods is a fun read for foodies and those seeking easy-to-read diet information. In a book as entertaining as it is educational, Purdy tells how she grew from a teenager who chose apples over chips and salad over fries into a trained nutrition expert. The book includes personal anecdotes, simple recipes, and links to informational videos from Purdy’s web series, Mary’s Nutrition Show. It will tickle the funny bone, touch the heart, and trigger a rush to the produce aisle.


105 pages

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