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The Four Pillars of Natural Wellness

By Madisyn Taylor
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 UNMEDICATED. is a holistic path to wellness meant to supplement expert medical advice. It presents four basic pillars that build on one another to create a healing foundation of action steps:

·        ONE: Clear Your Mind. How to retrain your brain and open new neurological pathways by learning meditation and reconnecting with nature.
·        TWO: Nurture Your Spirit. Learning to work through fear and self-sabotage and embracing forgiveness to release the pain and help connect to a greater source.
·        THREE: Strengthen Your Body. Understanding how a healthy body supports a healthy mind.
·        FOUR: Find Your Tribe. Discovering the people who will give you a solid foundation of love and support and allow you to be yourself.
Anxiety disorders plague 40 million adults or approximately 18 percent of the population, and major depressive disorder affects about 16 million adults, according to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America. Meanwhile, Congress looks to cut health benefits with no provisions for mental health. An alternate path to healing has never been timelier.

168 pages

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