By Paul Herscu, N.D.

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Stramonium by Paul Herscu, homeopathic researcher and practitioner, presents an intriguing remedy that he claims is especially useful in the treatment of children with symptoms of autism. Herscu's investigation into the less dramatic presentations of the Stramonium state help fill in the wide gap of knowledge that is left between understanding it's keynotes and a state of health.

Stramonium is written in two parts. The first part, "New Ideas Need A New Language," focuses on understanding the materia medica from a cycle model, using the Stramonium cycle as a detailed example. The second part, "The Materia Medica of Stramonium," focuses on exploring the key mind symptoms of the remedy: fear, violence, attention difficulties, introversion, and autism, as well as sleep and body symptoms. An appendix and index are also included.

Herscu states that the Stramonium remedy is worthy of having an entire book devoted to it because of it's place in the center of the Map of Hierarchy and it's prevalence in the symptoms of violent and autistic children.

Paul Herscu is founder and director of the New England School of Homeopathy, editor of The New England Journal of Homeopathy, and author of The Homeopathic Treatment of Children.

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