Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness 2nd Ed

By David Musnick, M.D.

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Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness contains information technical enough for use by medical practitioners and competitive athletes and is written in language that everyone can easily understand. It is designed to be used by anyone interested in exercise and nutrition. A distinguishing philosophy of this fitness guide is its emphasis on training muscles and the body's aerobic system in ways that mimic how you actually use them in indoor or outdoor activities. Conditioning for Outdoor Fitness contains training strategies for specific sports, such as biking and paddling, and for general fitness. It also includes state-of-the-art information on nutrition, weight loss and disease prevention. The dozens of sport-specific functional exercises described in the book are accompanied by step-by-step photographs and explanations of their usefulness and efficacy. New and updated features in the second edition include: new exercises discussion of special health issues for women and seniors, discussion of energy and fatigue issues, new material on food quality, protein, and the glycemic index information on Freemotion machines, a new chapter on balance a completely new section on nutrition and conditioning for optimal health.

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