Coyote Medicine- Lessons from Native American Healing

By Lewis Mehl-Madrona

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Inspired by his Cherokee grandmother's healing ceremonies, Lewis Mehl-Madrona's Coyote Medicine, enlightens readers about paths to recovery and health through narrative medicine. Coyote Medicine isn't about eschewing Western medicine when it's effective, but about finding other answers when that medicine fails: for chronic sufferers, patients not responding to medication, or "terminal" cases that doctors have given up on. With the story of one doctor's remarkable initiation into alternative spiritual and physical healing, Coyote Medicine provides a key to untapped healing methods available today to empower and transform lives. Coyote Medicine incorporates spiritual perspective into medicine by discussing: Introspective questions, such as "Why are you here?"The sacred fire The gift of the sun AIDS and the spirit of an illness The vision quest Lewis Mehl-Madrona, M. D. , Ph. D. , has been a practicing physician for over 20 years and is Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry at the University of Arizona and is also affiliated with its College of Public Health. He is certified in family practice, geriatrics, and psychiatry and worked for years in rural emergency medicine. He works with Dr. Andrew Weil's Center for Frontier Medicine at the University of Arizona and is the author of Coyote Healing and the bestselling Coyote Medicine. 299 pages

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