Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy

By Margaret Roy

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The Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy is set up as a self-directed learning workbook for students new to the study of homeopathy. Written by Margaret Roy, a practicing homeopath and Principal of the Scottish College of Homeopathy, The Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy has been a required text for the introductory Homeopathy courses at Bastyr University. Key features of this workbook include:basic concepts and laws of homeopathy explained in straightforward language. how to read and record symptoms homeopathically. how to interpret and analyse a case. the use of repertories of symptoms. learning activities and self-testing questions at the end of every chapter. guidance on dosing homeopathic medicine, on proving remedies, and on selecting potency. Interspersed within the text are graphs and charts that help illustrate important aspects of homeopathic philosophy and it's application. The "questions answered" sections that appear in selected chapters also provide useful illumination on points of homeopathic philosophy with the aid of colorful analogies and hypothetical examples of their application.

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