Acupressure for Emotional Healing

In this indispensable book, two of the leading acupressure practitioners in America show how to locate vital points and apply pressure effectively so that self-healing can be part of your daily routin...

By Michael Reed Gach, Ph. D., Beth Ann Henning, A. B. T.

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This book offers a comprehensive A-Z guide to emotional ailments (from abandonment to worry and obsessive thinking), with fully-illustrated instruction on dozens of precise acupressure point locations and how to activate them, combined with yogic breathing, stretching, and movement routines. Case histories from the authors' practice further illuminate each condition and the path to emotional balance and healing. Most routines can be used independently for self-care and on-the-spot relief. There are also sections on how to use the techniques to help others, with appropriate safeguards.

307 pages

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