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Beyond the Birth, 6th Edition

Picture of Beyond the Birth, 6th Edition
For nine months, you prepare for the birth of your child. As you plan, you dream of the cozy, warm beginnings together with a new baby. You know it will be work, but you know you're up to the challenge.

By Nason, Spach & Gruen


Birth Ambassadors

Picture of Birth Ambassadors
Doulas and the Re-Emergence of Woman-Supported Birth in America

by Christine H. Morton, PhD. with Elayne G. Clift, MA

Birth Partner, 3rd edition

Picture of Birth Partner, 3rd edition
This expanded and updated 3rd edition of The Birth Partner is intended to help the partner of the woman giving birth (baby's father, doula, or loved one) prepare to support the woman.

By Penny Simkin


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