3 - M-000.09.931 Gamma C Stethoscope

M-000.09.931 Gamma C Stethoscope

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  • The double stainless steel chestpiece with 48 mm diameter membrane and 26 mm diameter bell has a unique deep cone shape, for increased sound sensitivity and ideal transmission of low frequency sounds for cardiology.
  • The two in one tube system is latex free. With a thick walled construction to reduce stray noise and improve sound transmission.
  • PVC rings for both membrane and cone to avoid cold shock.
  • Corrosion resistant light alloy binaurals include twin springs for durability and comfort.
  • Comfortable, soft ear tips exclude stray noise. Included are 2 sets of replacement tips (medium and soft), a replacement membrane and one chill ring.
  • Latex free tubing.